The sideboard program of the YU system. The YU sideboard program expands the application possibilities of the YU system. The high sideboard base and YU Door create modular furniture with an iconic character. As with YU SHELF and YU TRAY SHELF, the compartments can be inserted into the grooved wooden shelves without tools. YU Door can be moved freely as a sliding door in the front groove of the shelves. In the rear groove of the open compartments, YU Door becomes the back wall. Base and shelves are available in white MDF, natural oiled oak or matt black lacquered. The metal elements are available in six combinable colors as a smooth matt powder coating and in waxed blue steel. The system can be changed and is flexible at any time. If one day the low sideboard is to become a taller piece of furniture, it can be supplemented and reassembled again and again. It's up to you. You design your YU!