The LEISE Design Studio was founded in 2003 by qualified designer Knut Völzke in Frankfurt am Main. With his team he develops and implements integrative design projects. In addition to furniture and products, trade fair and exhibition projects as well as furnishings for public and private spaces are created.

Parallel to the context-related works, LEISE also stands for a furniture label that Knut Völzke developed in 2004. A short time later, the first collection was selected for special exhibitions in Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Mumbai, Las Vegas and New York, and several international design awards followed.

In all design tasks, LEISE understands quality and beauty as criteria that are not limited to the useful life of objects or rooms. An integrative approach that focuses on socio-cultural and ecologically sustainable relationships forms the self-image of the design studio.

Knut Völzke traces the orientation of his studio back to his practice-oriented biography as head of a workshop for furniture and interior design (master craftsman certificate 1996), as well as to his studies at the Academy of Design in Münster, followed by studies at the Academy of Design in Offenbach, where he also worked as a lecturer and substitute professor from 2010 to 2021.