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EL WALL / squirrel gray

EL WALL / squirrel gray

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EL WALL – The universal shelf EL as a version for the wall

The relationship is unmistakable: EL WALL has the same module dimensions, no specified top or bottom and can be used in just as many ways. Books, magazines, records and pictures, as well as plants, spices and crockery or towels, jars and tubes and of course your very special favorite objects find exclusive places in and on EL WALL.

Four screws ensure a secure hold on the wall and a metal plate that can be fixed with magnets makes the wall mounting invisible.

Depending on the desired use, the wall shelf can be mounted with the short or long shelf facing up. And it can also be combined with the product EL. With the four small magnets that come with every EL, another storage level is created on top of EL WALL - and a new iconic wall installation.

materials and care

EL WALL is made of sheet steel with a smooth matt finish
powder coating made. A household cloth and mild window cleaning agent are recommended for care.

dimensions and weight


height 12.5 cm
width 32 cm
depth 25 cm


3.15 kg (with bezel)

design and year of origin

Design: Knut Völzke, 2016

EL WALL has been awarded the »IF Design Award 2018«

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