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LY key holder magnet oak

LY key holder magnet oak

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The key holder is part of the LY Family and was developed as an optional accessory. It is made of oak wood with an embedded neodymium magnet.

Magnets are not included in the basic equipment of LY Magnetboard, LY Mirror and LY Wardrobe. The desired quantity can be optionally added to each product order.

materials and care

LY key holder magnet oak is made of solid oak with an oiled surface and a neodymium magnet.

For maintenance, we recommend using a household cloth and a mild window cleaning product.

measurements and weight

Diameter 2 cm
Length 3.6cm


Design and year of origin

Design: Knut Völzke, 2016

LY Key Holder Magnet Oak is part of the LY Family and has been awarded the »IF Design Award 2018«

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