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YU Door

YU Door

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Sliding door and back panel for the YU shelves and sideboards.

YU Door is the universal sliding door for the YU system, which can also be used as a back panel element. In the front grooves of the shelves and sideboards, YU Door can be freely slid. When inserted into the rear grooves of the open compartments, YU Door becomes a back panel.

YU Door is available in six colours that can be combined with each other as a smooth matte powder coating.

materials and care

YU Door is made of sheet steel with a smooth matte powder coating.
A household cloth and a mild window cleaning agent are used for care

dimensions and weight


height 33 cm
width 33 cm
depth 1.8 cm


2.8 kg

design and year of origin

Design: Knut Völzke, 2016

YU Door has been awarded the "IF Design Award 2018" as part of the YU system

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