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YU sideboard base / 3 series / 5 series

YU sideboard base / 3 series / 5 series

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YU - A furniture system from side table to shelf wall.

With the YU elements you can design your own furniture. And it can be added to at any time, for example if the bookshelf needs to grow or the coffee table needs to become a highboard.

With compartments made of colour-coated metal and grooved wooden shelves, it is possible to build anything from a small single module to free-standing room dividers to a large shelf wall. No tools are needed for this. The shelves are inserted into the grooves of the shelves in the desired direction and thus built up layer by layer.

The multitude of possible combinations means that new, individual furniture solutions are constantly being created. At the same time, YU has an almost iconic character, as the interplay of the cantilevered wooden shelves with the differently coloured shelf compartments creates an unmistakable design quality.

YU can be put together in a very understated way, for example completely in white, and is then almost invisible when filled - or it can become the visual focal point of the room through material and color combinations.

The compartments can be plugged in all directions, so that the furniture is independent of walls and can be used from all sides. Thanks to the adjustable feet on the pedestal shelves, uneven floors can be compensated for with a simple touch.

The name YU was created in the course of the design process. On the one hand, it describes the shape of the U-shaped shelves and is also an expression of the concept that you can become the designer of your own shelf.

materials and care

The YU sideboard base is made of either MDF with a white satin film coating or oiled oak.

A household cloth and mild window cleaning agent are recommended for cleaning the surfaces.

dimensions and weight

dimensions version in MDF

height 16.9 cm
width 102.6 / 168.2 cm
depth 37 cm

dimensions version in oak

height 17.6 cm
width 102.6 / 168.2 cm
depth 37 cm


YU sideboard base 3er MDF white 7.30 kg
YU sideboard base 5er MDF white 12.20 kg
YU sideboard base 3er oak 10.0 kg
YU sideboard base 5er oak 15.50 kg

design and year of origin

Design: Knut Völzke, 2014

YU sideboard base has been awarded the »IF Design Award 2018« as part of the YU system

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